Sacred Guidance

Sacred Guidance©

Do you want to gain clarity within your life?

Are you seeking guidance?

Do you want to be inspired?

Hi, my name is Helen King and I am an international Medium, Psychic and Spiritual Life Coach, who has been helping others like you to transform their life into one which is truly aligned with their Soul Purpose.

“I gained clarity on a lot of issues to do with my business and personal life, and an understanding of my relationships. I felt like I was having a chat with someone who knew me well, and could guide me through my concerns” Miranda – Adelaide, Australia

Sacred Guidance© is the practice of aligning you with your deeper Soul Purpose, to help you grow and learn more about your spiritual direction and to attune you to the flow of the universe. Through a monthly Sacred Guidance© session you will be shown how to develop a deeper awareness of the spiritual aspect of yourself and see how you can cultivate the abundance within your life.

For just $82 a month or $800 if you pay for the full year which is a saving of $160, you can see the way forward and move through any challenges with the right tools for the job. BOOK IN NOW

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 “I left feeling inspired, with knowing what I had to do next to get what I want! It was extraordinarily accurate – thank you, I felt that you truly saw my soul and knew how to guide me gently towards the future, all whilst giving me the power! I so needed this” Janet – WA – Australia

If you could have a heads up with what might be coming your way on a monthly basis would you want it?

If you could be sure that to gain further insight into a certain situation all you needed to do is to look within, would you do it?

If you knew that with guidance on your next steps you would be able to achieve all your goals and more, would you take it?

For just $82 a month or $800 if you pay for the full year which is a saving of $160, you will have these and many more questions answered.

BOOK IN NOW and get you $160 off the full price.

“I gained clarity, a sense of feeling more grounded and practical steps on what to do next. Also really appreciated your honesty and was floored by how spot on you were with the characters of those around me. I described it as being guided along a windy, mysterious path and coming out the other side with clarity, direction and vision” Josie, Wagga, Wagga, Australia

Monthly Sacred Guidance© session will allow you to see the next steps more clearly, to understand how to put them into practice and to know that you are on the right track. These sessions can be held in the comfort of you home, business or on the go.

Each session will allow you to ask any question that you might have, business, financial, health, family, relationships to ensure that we focus on achieving your desired result. I will use my Tarot cards, Oracle cards and guidance from Spirit to gain insight and get practical, real life solutions to your questions.

Learn to identify your blocks through Sacred Guidance© in a way that give your clarity and confidence, so you gain a better understanding without judgement. The one-hour sessions will allow you to pin point the block, address the “why” and find the “How” In these sessions you will receive clear and concise information to show you where changes need to made.

To gain the most out of your sessions you will be given a brief overview of what was spoken about and you are more than welcome to record your session.

For just $82 a month or $800 if you pay for the full year which is a saving of $160, you can see the way forward and move through any challenges with the right tools for the job.


Save $160 and pay in full BOOK NOW

 What others had to say

“Your open discussion, questioning and probing of things that I didn’t even realise where part of my picture was intense. You helped me to realise that what I was thinking was and could be a reality. As a process it gave me the confidence to not sweat the peripheral stuff that was happening and step back and look at the bigger perspective” Moira, Hobart, Australia

 “I loved the clarity and peace you gave me. You were right on about going back to why I became a Naturopath and focus on that. I have now revised my ideal client and written info on fb, website etc to support this.” Jeanette, Adelaide, Australia

 “A huge green light to go forth- that I’m on the right path and the future is bright. Clear answers about family members and how to approach them in communication (very handy).
How would I describe to a BFF? I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Helen was able to quickly tune into my situation, answer questions with clarity and help me join pieces of my puzzle together that seemed to be floating around. Some parts I knew myself, and it’s lovely to hear it from someone who doesn’t know me as a confirmation. The session was fun and interactive” – Amy, WA, Australia

“You affirmed what I suspected but had been running away from. Now I have some clarification and the way forward. It was nice and relaxed, and you were so amazing, even with the distance between us. I didn’t think an online consultation could work all that well, but it did”. Jane, WA, Australia

“I loved the fact that it was a three-way discussion. I love when people are real and don’t put pink ribbons around everything they say. Sometimes we just need to hear what is. Thank you for the enlighten I got from it.” Samantha, Melbourne, Australia

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