Tarot Readings

My gift as a psychic allows me to tap into my spirit guides and yours using my tarot cards as a tool for the interpretation of meanings and messages.

How I work
Combination of oracle and tarot cards I will connect with my guides and yours to provide you will guidance to steer you in the right direction. I look to assist you in clarification on a soul level to what your journey or path maybe. I help to show what choices are there for you to unlock the answers. I will answer all your unasked questions in an open, honest and compassionate way.

Who is a tarot reader?
A tarot reader is one who is capable of making interpretations of the tarot cards. Tarot readers interpret cards differently and that is because they have varying perspectives. Professional tarot readers like me utilise tarot as tools, and not as the definitive meaning itself. In other words, you may find the cards vague, sometimes even meaningless, but that’s only because tarot cards are just visuals. To have a better interpretation, a tarot reader like myself translate the cards to you, provide you answers to all your questions, even those which are not asked.

Tarot Reading Rates
90 minutes – $150 AUD
60 minutes – $100 AUD
30 minutes – $70 AUD

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