Sacred Symbol Oracle Cards

I am a Psychic and a Medium with over 20 years’ experience and with the help of my Spirit guides, I connect with past loved ones so that others might find closure and healing. In doing so it can help clients to recognize and break any habits that can be self-destructive and assist them in learning how to replace them with choices that can lead to enlightenment and spiritual growth.

As a previously published author of two eBooks on Amazon, What to expect when seeing a Medium (2019) and Self-Care; How to fill your cup (2019), I felt my next step would be to transform the Symbols I have created into an Oracle deck for all to enjoy.

My beautiful Sacred Symbols cards are designed to open up the intuition of those using the cards and to assist them in tapping into your psychic abilities as you are guided by your higher self, to receive messages from the universe.

If you are interested in learning more about energy and yourself, or are an experienced practitioner, My Sacred Symbol Oracle Cards are the ones for you. They are round in shape which not only makes them easier to handle and shuffle, but to also link into the energy of the cards as well as the cycle of life.

My cards are different from those that are currently out in the market as they are based on Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry patterns utilise the symbols shown in the cards to create the required energy which in turn links the user directly to the Divine Source. In addition, you will have a black and white version of all of the Sacred Symbol cards to colour in whilst tapping into the sacred geometry of the cards.

There are 43 cards in total with 13 Heart Cards and 30 Elemental Cards which include Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and Love. The Heart Cards are your true Soul, your heart’s desire, your true path, these are used in conjunction with the Element cards to gain a deeper understanding of your true path and where your Soul needs to be.


$45.95 plus $15 postage


 How to use the Sacred Symbol Oracle cards

The reader will be provided with a guide of how to utilise each individual card including the layouts that they are able to use. For example, take the 13 Heart Cards, shuffle and pull one Heart card and place this card in the middle of the circle, then take the Elemental Cards shuffle and draw 8 further cards. This particular layout will provide quick and easy answers to a short question. There are a variety of layouts to be utilised when connecting with these cards.

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